Vanity Fair


Vanity Fair

During my last years in Milan I worked several times for Vanity Fair Italia: they called me every time they had to use plants and flowers, or create a garden in studio for their fashion photo shootings.

Other than be a fun experience, I enjoyed very much working closely to some of the best photographers at work: I had the chance to develop a cinematic eye for gardens and, of course, steal from the masters a bit of their magic. Furthermore, I believe that is looking through the camera that you really understand plants and if plants work together.

For this particular job, the photographer Giovanni Gastel had to shoot some beautiful, romantic and ethereal dresses and he wanted me to create a garden that would represent the dreamy atmosphere he was looking for.

That’s why I immediately thought about using several species of Miscanthus, that with different shapes and heights would create a intimate garden. A few beautiful sculptural small trees and a profusion of (silk) completed the scene and made achieve what I was asked for.