Mon Oncle


Mon Oncle

The garden for this restaurant, created in 2008, was my first job to be internationally published in books and magazines such as Elle Decor, Vogue, Wallpaper  etc.

I worked closely with the architectural firm Logica Architettura that created an interesting concept by thinking to a Restaurant as if it was a real home: instead of having just tables in a room, the guests could have a drink seating in a lounge, enjoy the meal in the dining areas or in the garden, and eventually take a bath (!) in a working bath tub.

The design and the mood of the restaurant are strongly influenced by 1950’s design, and in particular by the movie Mon Oncle directed by Jacques Tati. The movie showcases a ‘modern’ house and furniture that, 60 years later, are still relevant.

Every item we chose, from decorations to furniture, from pots to plants had to speak the same language and tell the same story. The highlight of my work is a vertical garden that connects outdoor and indoor where the Asparagus sprengeri plants grow inside white ceramic pots.

A picture of the vertical garden was chosen for the cover of the book ‘Haute Spaces’, published in 2011 by Koh Rachel.