J.K. Capri


J.K. Capri

The renovation of the building, designed by the internationally acclaimed Architect and Interior Designer Michele Bönan has become the opportunity to rethink the garden of the J.K. Capri, a luxury hotel nestled on the exclusive Island of Capri. 

The design of this garden was done in collaboration with the Italian Garden Designer Niccolo’ Grassi who was engaged for this project.

The property overlooks the sea, creating the sense of a garden lost in the iconic landscape of Capri. The building has a certain grandeur: it is wide and massive like an ocean ship. The garden also contains change of levels: a sequence of terraces that flows from the building to the pool and ending in a wide lawn area defined by low lines of vegetation. Here it is possible to admire the magnificent view of the Surrentine peninsula. The paved areas are dominant and generous, reflecting the functional needs of the hotel. The sequence of spaces relies almost entirely on scale and proportion to create coherence between the building and the garden.

We also designed the terraces and the balconies using soft furnishings, colours and fabrics that echoes the Anglo-Saxon touch of the interiors. The quiet serenity of the design, framed by Oleanders, Camellias, Roses and Agapanthus invites guests to relax and celebrate the timeless charm of Capri.