For this project my client, a voracious traveler, wanted something visually striking, easy to maintain and that would remind him of his several trips to South America.

Asking questions and digging deep is how I approach my work, in particular in the first stages.  Chatting more with with my client, I found that one of his favourite South American destinations was Rio de Janeiro. So why don’t evoke one of the most famous landmarks of the Brazilian city: the Copacabana walk designed by the legendary Landscape Architect Roberto Burle Marx?

On a dark brown base I had painted white waves all over the paving and on part of the walls. The pattern itself was visually very strong, so I didn’t want to clutter the space too much. I chose then some contemporary furniture with neat and elegant lines, and design a inbuilt bench with a minimalist structure all along the balustrade.

My client wasn’t particularly interested in plants, he just wanted something beautiful and easy to maintain, so I just chose a Japanese maple (Acer palmatum var. dissectum ‘Atropurpureum’) characterized by a dark red foliage, and a variegated Phormium tenax. Both remind the colours of the Brazilian native vegetation used by Burle Marx in many of his projects.