Cocteau bench


Cocteau bench

I love art in the garden and I love it even more when it’s “usable”: that’s why, after having designed the terracotta pot ‘Boom!’ I felt the urge of creating an outdoor furniture that would have a strong artistic feel. For this project I worked in collaboration with Ivo Bisignano, a talented Italian artist that is building his reputation by working for big names like Disney and Yotam Ottolenghi to name a few.

Ivo and I were both fascinated by the hand drawings of the polyedric French artist Jean Cocteau: poet, writer, designer, filmmaker, visual artistic and critic, he was without any doubt a visionnaire. What impressed us about his sketches was the simplicity of them: with just few lines he was able to create an expressive drawing.

Studying the structure of some iconic mid century furniture like the Bertoia’s Diamond chair or the John Risley’s sculptures we designed the Cocteau bench by using hand bended stainless steel. It makes a statement in the garden because of its graphicity, while its transparency blends it with the garden.

Colour customizable, it’s hand made in Italy. For further information please send me an email.