Boom pot

I strongly believe that the project of a garden doesn’t end with the choice of the plants or the materials, but it involves all the elements that are outside and how they relate with each other. That’s why I am progressively designing my own pots and furniture: I want everything in the garden to speak the same language.

A few years ago I had the chance to collaborate with the Italian terracotta pot makers Laboratorio SanRocco and design for them a terracotta pot. The brief was clear: they wanted a product that would be contemporary and at the same time had a classical reference. And, of course, practical: I find that many contemporary pots have beautiful shapes but, especially the large ones, are not wide enough for mature plants and their root balls.

The inspiration for the pot ‘Boom!’ came for the observation of the roof of the Pantheon in Rome: I used the same squared pattern and applied it on the surface of the pot. I then carefully worked on the proportions of the pot and made it large enough on the top without giving up on elegance. The name is a double entendre: it means ‘tree’ in Dutch and it also refers to an explosion because I designed it at the beginning of my career when I wanted to rock (!).

The pot is made with the best Italian clay. It comes in two sizes:  large (60cm D * 71cm H) and small (45cm D * 52cm H). The colour is customizable and the finish goes from terracotta to glazed.

For more information on the product please contact me.